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    vietnam seafood - Company: European company
    Location: District 2, Ho Chi Minh
    Salary: up to 25 000 000 VND & other benefits

    Are you confident in your English?
    Do you love travelling?
    Do you love an auditing job?
    Join our team, chance to learn, travel and be mature. We are looking for an Aquaculture Auditor as below requirement:

    Job Description:
    - Maintaining a good relation with the client, informing the management of chances, and threats in the market;
    - Maintaining contacts with the certifier on regular basis;
    - Assistance with handling of claims and appeals
    - Keeping abreast of developments, issues and legislative changes pertaining to the sectors in which audits are carried out.
    - Initiating the audit
    - Conducting document review
    - Preparing for the on-site audit activities
    - Conducting on-site audit activities
    - Preparing, approving and distributing the audit report
    - Conducting audit follow-up

    Job requirements:
    - Gender: Male
    - Must be Aquaculture Farming background (Bắt buộc ngành nuôi trồng thủy sản)
    - Working experience: +2 years and above
    - Some working experience in processing factory is preferred
    - Proficiency in English

    If you are interested and have relevant capacity, kindly send CV update to Mr Khuong
    Email: /

    Thank you and feel free to share this exiting job!
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